When do you have to write a literature review?

A few techniques get your background study going and make the task much more manageable.

3. Parts of Thesis Proposal: Background of the Study (Somali Language as Medium of Instruction)

Your background study forms the foundation for your thesis and provides you with valuable sources for writing your paper. Write an early outline for your research. Include some of the elements of your topic that you expect to research as well as significant issues related to your topic. Remember that this list is speculative and many of these things may change after you finish with your research. Make a list of significant words and phrases that are likely to appear in search databases. Input your topic as a search subject in databases to look for peer-reviewed journal articles and books about your topic.

Do additional searches with your list of significant words and phrases and collect sources that you may be able to use in your thesis.

Study Background & Introduction

This includes checking out books and making copies of significant academic articles. Start a binder with your thesis research and place copies of all of your journal articles inside. Read through all of the sources you found and separate them into three groups. The first group consists of articles and books that have no relevance to your topic.


The second includes articles and books that have some relevance, such as a few significant quotes or a strong description of an element of your research. The third group is articles and books that are extremely significant to your research.

Typically, the background of a study includes a review of the existing literature on the area of your research, leading up to your topic. Once you have discussed the contribution of other researchers in the field, you can identify gaps in understanding, that is, areas that have not been addressed in these studies.

Thesis Proposal

You can then explain how your study will address these gaps and how it will contribute to the existing knowledge in the field. Answered by Editage Insights on 16 May, Answered by richa lohani on 21 Nov, Answered by Andrea Gwyneth Bahalla on 20 Jan, This content belongs to the Manuscript Writing Stage. Confirm that you would also like to sign up for free personalized email coaching for this stage.

Q: How to write the background to the study in a research paper? Answer Follow this Question. Write an answer About text formats.

Thesis Proposal | NUIN

Answer: The background of the study provides context to the information that you are discussing in your paper. Recommended reading: How to write the background of your study What is the best way of stating the background of a study?

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