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For example, Jim eats food containing tools for escape and sleeps with rats, snakes, and spiders. Of course, Jim knows that these plans are absurd and even makes complaints about the plans, but this is only temporary. Tom is interested in only his adventure. Unbound Jim does not need to be emancipated again. Huck does not accompany Jim in the beginning of the trip because he just escapes from his surroundings.

His father, Pap, has abused him and even kept him from going school; Huck is no better than a orphan. Of course, the widow Douglas and her sister, Miss Watson has protected Huck, but he feels uncomfortable even though they show their compassion to him. The widow Douglas and Miss Watson want him to be a civilized man.

They patronize him first and last; this is not in harmony with his nature. In other words, Huck gets to know how to distinguish something good from something bad but does not feel true love from them. So, Huck devises a scheme and pretends to be murdered and then thrown into the river to be free from the surroundings restricting him. Moreover, even when he notices villagers try to find him, he does not expose himself to them.

He shows himself to Jim instead of hiding himself and then expresses his pleasure because he does not feel lonely anymore. Clearly, Huck uses the word, not I and you but we, which originates from a fellow feeling.


Moreover, Jim also sometimes expresses his opinion to Huck not as a runaway slave but as a companion. Especially, in the 15th chapter, Jim scolds Huck because although they have a near-death experience in a dense fog, Huck still fools Jim and lies to him. Of course, the widow Douglas and Miss Watson has taught Huck a sense of right and wrong, but they cannot make him change. Huck feels an antipathy to it rather. However, it is Jim that makes him sincerely realize that one should be honest and moral and change.

Also, their relationship looks like companions.

Is Huck-Fin Racist Essay By Kevin Ashu *//FREE\\* | Huckleberry Finn

The way to overcome racism starts at admitting all men are equal regardless of race and develops when a fellow feeling is shared. If the belief that some races are inferior to others is rampant, matters caused by racism cannot be easily overcome. So, from the above-mentioned examples, we can find a positive possibility of not the vertical relationship but the horizontal one between blacks and whites. In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the candid perception of slaves is described. So, the value system based on discrimination against blacks tends to go down from the previous generation to the next one, becoming more elaborated and complex.

Actually, Jim is one of the victims in slavery. In this situation, what is surprising is that Miss Watson is described as a devout Christian. She lives on Bible and always wants to teach Huck a sense of right and wrong, but she also treats Jim like a product which can be bargained. Therefore, this shows well slavery system causes amoral situation among people and even curbs the influence of religion. Furthermore, as Jim is a fugitive slave, he has to endure subhuman treatment. For example, two grifters, who introduce themselves as the King and the Duke and then join Huck and Jim on the raft, do not apologetic that they tie Jim with a rope and make his face up to look like a offensive madman.

With this humiliated and peculiar look, Jim has to wait for them alone until Huck, the King, and the Duke come back from a village because a fugitive slave, Jim, cannot go to the village with them where slavery exists. Moreover, while Jim is held in the plantation of Silas, he must be confined in a hut. Even, when he tries to escape from it, Aunt Sally and villagers shoot a gun and make dogs chase him. So, these harsh treatments of a fugitive slave may strengthen the slavery system. When the King sells Jim for forty dollars, Huck begins to seek Jim, telling the Duke that Jim is the only property for him.

Also, when Aunt Sally asks Huck if his trip has been safe or not, Huck replies that nobody was hurt, but a nigger died Twain Judging from his utterance, he still thinks of Jim as a slave. Moreover, his continuous using the expression, nigger, shows his attitude towards Jim.

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Actually, from the beginning of the text, the expression, nigger, is used very frequently by whites including Huck. According to Suh, the word that refers to blacks has been changed and a nigger is a product of slavery system Suh Obviously, this word makes Jim and other blacks feel humiliated. Therefore, the situation that happens in the text shows not only the individual in slavery cannot help being influenced by the social system, but also people cannot be easily changed although the social system can be changed.

In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, there are scenes which show humanity wins a social law, slavery. For instance, in the 16th chapter, when Jim expresses his longing for going to Cairo to be free from the life as a slave, Huck feels very anxious. Huck worries about events yet to happen because if Jim becomes a free man, he will be responsible for it.

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Huck thinks he would rather die than live in this agony; he seems to be unable to get out of social norm. After all, he decides to inform on Jim as soon as he reaches land. However, when a skiff with two men in it comes, Huck protects Jim wittily, telling them the other who joins him is a white.

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Of course, after they go off, Huck realizes he has done wrong and then feels bad; he even consoles himself with the fact that he does not learn to do right. I W Isabella Wrobel Author. Add to cart. Index 1. Introduction 2. Huck Finn and the controversy 3.

Huckleberry Finn Racism Essay

Huck and Jim 4. Bibliography 1. Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. Amerikanistik - Literatur Racism in the Adventures of Huckleber History as it is taught in the history classroom is often denatured and dry. You can keep your distance from it if you choose. Slaveholding was evil. Injustice was the law of the land. History books teach that. But they don't require you to look the perpetrators of that evil in the eye and find yourself looking at a kind, gentle, good-hearted Aunt Sally. They don't make you understand that it was not the villains who made the system work, but the ordinary folks, the good folks, the folks, who did nothing more than fail to question the set of circumstances that surrounded them, who failed to judge that evil as evil and who deluded themselves into thinking they were doing good, earning safe passage for themselves into heaven.

When accomplished fiction writers expose the all-too-human betrayals that well-meaning human beings perpetrate in the name of business-as-usual, they disrupt the ordered rationalizations that insulate the heart from pain. Novelists, like surgeons, cut straight to the heart. But unlike surgeons, they don't sew up the wound. They leave it open to heal or fester, depending on the septic level of the reader's own environment. Irony, history, and racism all painfully intertwine in our past and present, and they all come together in Huck Finn.

Because racism is endemic to our society, a book like Huck Finn, which brings the problem to the surface, can explode like a hand grenade in a literature classroom accustomed to the likes of Macbeth or Great Expectations -- works which exist at a safe remove from the lunchroom or the playground.