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Joan Bennett's "Mary Astell, Lucy Hutchinson, John Milton, and Feminist Liberation Theology" displaces modern feminist theory with a "liberation theology" that emphasizes "creative actualization" to reread Astell, Hutchinson, and Milton.

Oddly, in Wittreich's Book of Judges , Samson prays to avenge "the loss of one of his eyes" David Loewenstein, in " Samson Agonistes and the Culture of Religious Terror," resists Carey's characterization of Samson as suicide bomber by pointing to the different "cultural, political, and religious contexts" , though he admits that Milton approved of terror against the Irish.

Michael Lieb's "Returning the Gorgon Medusa's Gaze: Terror and Annihilation in Milton" argues that Fish does not read Samson's final act as "regenerationist" but one that "eludes any possibility of interpretation" : thus, we have "interpretive anarchy" , not terrorism.

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Stanley Fish's "'There Is Nothing He Cannot Ask': Milton, Liberalism, and Terrorism" rebuts Carey's charges that Fish's reading is "a [End Page ] license for any fanatic to commit atrocity" by noting the ambiguities particularly that of intent in the play. This volume lets ten fine Miltonists do what they do best: however, the collection except for the essays by Grossman and Fish focuses more on "an entire range of issues" ix and less on analyzing Fish's connections to those issues.

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